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Single Ply Replacement Roofs
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Single Ply Structures Ltd completed Single Ply and Polycarbonate Roofs.

Main extension roof - Existing felt was checked thoroughly with any damage repaired as necessary. Felt deck was then used as a vapour control layer as the clients preference was for a warm roof. Maximum allowed height of 80mm insulation was then installed with Cefil Single Ply membrane covering and trims.

Shed roof - 18mm external grade ply with Cefil Single Ply Membrane covering and trims installed. Decor profiles installed also to give a standing seam effect. Repair works of small rendered upstands including tile and ridge section undertaken, with 1 polycarbonate sheet removed to create a long term weathering solution in single ply membrane at shed and polycarbonate roof junction.

Polycarbonate Roof - Remedial works undertaken here to replace damaged sheets, install new trims and lead surroundings.

A 25 year insurance backed warranty issued upon completion.

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