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Why is flat roofing insulation so important?
  Are you fed up with the room under your flat roof being colder than the rest of your home?

With our simple roofing solution you can solve the problem once and for all, keeping your home warm throughout the winter months. Just call us to find out more about flat roofing insulation, keeping your home warm and saving yourself money on your energy bills.

Problems with flat roofs that have no insulation

Pre 1990 flat roofs tend to have a limited amount of insulation meaning they let the cold in, making the room underneath cold and expensive to heat.

  • Cold air will find itself in the room below your flat roof

  • Your heating bills will be costly as heat will be escaping through the roof

  • Condensation will form on the centre centre beam of your flat roof

  • Roofs timbers can rot and causing the roof deck to collapse

  • Repairs to your damaged roof could become costly and time consuming

Your roof must be properly ventilated, find out why..

Moisture is created by appliances such as washing machines, tumble driers, showers and kettles which can cause timber to rot and collapse, which if not sorted out can lead to mould and health risks occurring.

  • Moisture can occur

  • Timber can rot and collapse

  • Can cause health risks

  • Costly to repair

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How can we at Single Ply Structures help keep your home warm and save you money?

In pre 1990 homes the contractors tended not to leave an air gap to allow constant flow of circulating air below the sub-deck to minimise potential condensation, leading to dry rot. We do not work like this.

  • We leave at least 2 inches below the sub deck

  • We leave a vapour control layer

  • We install an inspection mesh and space for constant air flow

  • We can save you money on costly repairs and provide you with complete peace of mind that your roof will be in good condition for years to come

Find out what is special about our flat roofing installations.

At Single Ply Structures Ltd, we provide flat roof insulation in Exeter and Devon with a team of competent, qualified installers. We can:

  • Fully insulate your flat roof

  • Provide complete peace of mind as your roof will meet all UK building regulations

  • Only 5% VAT charge on the entire job, saving you 15%

  • FREE yourself of worry over rot, this will be a thing of the past

  • We guarantee competitive prices

  • We provide roofing installations, repairs and insulation throughout Exeter and the South West

Contact us today to arrange a free quote and inspection.


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